Way Alpha 1.1

Excellent cooperative online platform game


  • Unusual cooperative experience
  • Polished graphics
  • Atmospheric and uplifting


  • Movement sometimes awkward

Very good

Way is a fascinating two player platform game that relies on cooperation.

While this is an alpha version, Way is complete enough to be really enjoyable. You need to be online, then when you run the game it will search for a second player. Once found, you begin your adventure. It's perhaps half an hour long, but is unforgettable.

After a short tutorial stage, you are introduced to your Way partner. You can see each other, and communicate with a few expressions by waving and pointing your arms. In this way, Way makes you cooperate to complete puzzles and get through obstacles. This means it can be a little frustrating if you feel your partner isn't very good, but by the end you'll have a great feeling of achievement.

Graphically, Way is reminiscent of Little Big Planet on the PlayStation. It's cute, but looks good, with animations that give your avatars a lot of character. Controls are simple, but like Little Big Planet, jumping and movement can feel a little imprecise. That doesn't ruin what is a really excellent little game though.

Download and play Way: it's a unique experience, and the ending will definitely make you smile!



Way Alpha 1.1

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